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Self-Evaluate – Regurgitate

I was driving home late Wednesday night, just before I took the bend to my left leading to my home when the word regurgitates came to my mind! As a biological scientists by training the word was not alien to me, however what I found strange was why the word popped up at the time it

Evolve or Dissolve

The above caption can be given two interpretations. First a statement of fact second a question to self. Both interpretations mean a great deal. Words like change, advance, grow, progress are synonyms of evolve whereas words like run, thaw, melt are synonyms of dissolve.

Now that

Metamorphosis of Dreams (Part 1)

Just like a caterpillar metamorphize into a beautiful butterfly, so do our dreams morph into goals. Bo Bennett said, “A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement “. I couldn’t agree more with this quote. The transformational process involves turning ones dreams and v

Saying Bubbles

I agree with Zdravko Cvijetic’s 6 minute read article on the 13 things you should give up if you want to be successful! (You can find the article on the Medium.com we