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Tips for Effective Listening

Unlike the other forms of communication skills that are taught through our academic paths; the art of listening isn’t formally taught, even though this skill is vital to our existence. The benefits of listening effectively are enormous. They include building of great relationship, m

No One is Coming

We are in a broken world. Don’t ask me how because I don’t know, but the silver lining is this; what is broken can be fixed!

The effort we apply to fitting what’s broken will determine the quality of what is being fixed. 

The job is ours to do, because it’s our brokenness. It’s our

The Positive Side of Pain

Seriously, how can pain have a positive side? Impossible you say. I 100 percent guarantee you that this response is based on your emotions. Pain is more than just hurting as it distracts, pain causes loss of drive and passion, pain causes you to give up and lose hope. These examples are

Change perspective and change your life

Recently I was conversing in a group and in the course of the discussion, someone suggested that people should help one another by constantly donating to ‘sane’ people who have two hands, two legs, two ears and one mouth. Such people have smart phones and other luxuries. While the others wer