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GM-4 Mastermind®

Take advantage of a unique personal development/ accountability tool to make huge mental leap with a carefully selected group. The mastermind is a community carefully crafted to avail members with a rigorous yet inspiring environment to expand their horizon and develop themselves as leaders.

- Goals establishment and peer-to-peer accountability
- Facilitation skills development
- Interpersonal relationship and effective communication skills development
- Personal leadership workshops
- Book reviews
- Team building and bonding activities
- Soft-skill development
- Customized workshops
- Retreats

The GM-4 Mastermind® provides an intimate group focused on achieving their various aspirations while exploring the strengths of others. The platform is designed with a win – win matrix.
While personal goals are established, members are assigned carefully selected personal development classic books to review.

The platform ensures all members participate and work as a team to ensure meaningful results. Members are assigned peak-performance partners to work with in line with their goals and are expected to make presentations as well as engage in think-tank discussions. The program begins with a seminar and ends with a retreat.

The various packages include:
- The Gold (3-month)
- The Diamond (6-month)
- The Platinum (12-month)

The product is designed for people of various categories. We see each category as a project as it comes with its own personalized program. The four projects are listed below.
- The Personal Project
- The Couples Project
- The Corporate Project
- The VIP Corporate Project