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We are a team of competent coaches, trainers, researchers, instructors and consultants who believe in the spirit of professionalism.

Victor Onochie

VICTOR ONOCHIE is the Founder and President of Genius Meta-4. With his personal mission to empower leaders to first master the fundamental principle of leadership which starts with a focus on ‘Self’ and timeless universal principles, he has been able to work with several young corporate executives, team/organizational leaders, entrepreneurs and even couples to help them gain clarity, to find and tap into their own unique voice to achieve meaning, impact and fulfillment. He has initiated several personal leadership and team building platforms. He has also been recognized for excellence in leadership by international organizations notably Toastmasters international. He is also an internationally certified leadership coach affiliated to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and licensed by the Certified Coaching Alliance (CCA). He is also a life strategist and a certified Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach licensed by the Certified Coaching Alliance (CCA). He is a Certified Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) Masters Practitioner, a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Practitioner and a Certified Mindfulness Master Practitioner affiliated with the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. His major personal objectives are:

1. To solve the educational/ development gap that limits the mind of the individual to think and lead their lives effectively from their true genius.
2. To help people and organizations to effectively flourish from a place of meaning.
3. To evolve the global challenge of dysfunctional relationships, marriages and families to a better meaningful and fulfilling experience.
4. To create a unique and effective global leadership development and high-performance organization, focused in the realization of the above three objectives

The world he envisions if his job is complete is a global society of unique courageous individuals, leading meaningful, fulfilling and impactful lives by deliberately crafting their paths, collaborating, evolving and exploring their unlimited potentials for the creation of value for the common good. Therefore, his purpose is to evolve the human experience in line with personal leadership and mastery to a meaningful and significant life experience in alignment with universal principles.

Grace Tsumbu

GRACE TSUMBU is the Business and Relationship manager of Genius Meta-4. She is a self- improvement advocate who publicly supports the need for individuals to enhance the quality of their lives and the realization of their dreams and aspirations through personal development. She is passionate about mentoring and coaching people who have made the decision to improve their lives. She also contributes to the content of GM4 blog through her unique, straight to the point articles that are thought provoking.

The arts is the core of her being especially, singing and radio-acting. She intends to use her music to inspire the world to be a better place. She hopes to use her voice and love for intelligent and thought-provoking talk to be a TV talk show host to use the medium in affecting and inspiring lives. She is equally passionate about health and wellness and is an advocate for healthy living. She truly believes that one day people globally will be able to be more if inspired positively.

Toju Cole

TOJU COLE is the Head of Operations at Genius Meta-4. She is an Educator, lawyer and inspirational speaker who gives talks to audiences about a variety of topics, with the goal of helping people overcome self-imposed obstacles and realize their potential .