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Genius Meta-4 International lived up to its words by saying "My Goals will be clear and articulate". I was someone who knew what I wanted to do but had challenges articulating my goals in a clear, concise and precise manner. During the clarity sessions, I was able to do just that and to also break my goals into baby steps to make it easier to achieve. Victor is multi-talented, passionate and Focused High performance Coach. I recommend this program as a first step for anyone who wants to go into personal Development.
- Dikko Abba (Galaxy Backbone)
I have been privileged to have enjoyed personal coaching and support from the founders of Genius meta-4 and being part of the Ten X success mastermind facilitated by the company, I must say that the impact has 'metamorphosed the genius in me'. Three things come to mind when I think of Genius meta-4; passion, excellence, and innovation. The desire to impact and ensure the success of others is amazing. What they have done is help guide me to clarity and motivate/ inspire me to grow myself for more success. I am grateful for all the resources and support received in the form of books, trainings, videos, retreats and more. I recommend Genius meta-4 to anyone seeking to take their relationship, life/ organization to greater heights.
- Enite Young Odebala , Managing Partner (Sublime Partners)
Genius Meta-4 International Limited through her mastermind product has taken personal development and self-improvement to another level. I have gained tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience through the book reading, personal development retreats as well as the network of other likeminded individuals whose goal is to develop themselves and impact their world. The experiences from our weekly meetings where we share experiences and review the books we read, have indeed brought the phrase “iron sharpens iron” to life. Having a group of people holding me accountable has helped me develop a reading culture, as I now read at least 1 book every 3 weeks (I have read over 13 books in the last 8 months). I have also gained some clarity on my personal goals and aspirations and thus been able to break them down to small achievable chunks. The mastermind is a great personal development tool I would recommend to anyone; employers and employees alike, entrepreneurs and aspiring business leaders.
- Winston P. Ekpotu , Operations Director (Island Agro-Industries Development Company)
Coach Victor, I have been able to discover what my true gifting’s are since I joined GM-4 Mastermind (The Linchpinn Project), which is your brain child. I have drastically improved my reading habits as a result of the requirements of the mastermind. I have experienced team work at another level, which is the ability to keep the energy level as a team and respect the different views of different individuals in the mastermind. I must also appreciate the opportunity to meet other members of the GM-4 mastermind (The Linchpinn Project) who are of very high intellectual capacities. I must also confess that my thought process and depth of information has improved from the quality of books that we have read so far as it has opened up new dimensions of thoughts and views. Generally speaking, it has been a life changing experience so far. I recommend this partnership to everybody who wants something good out of life and wants to do great things.
- Kelechi Nwabuko , Business Development Officer (Zenith Bank Plc.)
When I was asked to join the GM-4 Mastermind, I was a little apprehensive at first. Being someone who considers associations carefully and with a very sacred view to time, I wondered if it was worth the effort. However, it clearly has become one of the best decisions I made early in the year. With a mind sharpened by other great minds and a precision like focus on studying book after book, I can significantly see a difference in my world outlook and in my goal accomplishment. Now you cannot put a price on knowledge or on character, but what remains fact is that by joining a mastermind, your growth in mind and spirit will not be hindered except by oneself. Totally worth the effort!
- Kesmap Guyit , Business Development Manager (Institute of Human Virology Nigeria)
Victor C. Onochie and the entire team at Genius Meta-4 have made a measurable mark in my life and career. Having a constant flow of ideas running through my mind, Genius Meta-4 has helped me gain greater clarity as to my purpose and ways to de-clutter, focusing on the most important things that would advance my professional, personal and relationship life. Victor has been my executive coach and the result in my business has been unparalleled. By far, the greatest continuous impact Genius Meta-4 has been guilty of, is exposing me to materials and tools that shifts my level of awareness positively and leads me in the direction of self-actualization and fulfilment. They have also provided me accountability partners through a mastermind/accountability group which continues to hold me accountable to my goals plus, provide help when I'm overwhelmed in my entrepreneurial pursuits.
- Dr. Sunday Agbonika , Founder & CEO (Collars & Paws Limited)
I am Ezugo and I live a busy life, like any time-bound purpose-driven carrier of a gift looking to make a difference probably would. In between juggling the running of a leading brand in the hospitality sector, a booming lifestyle interior business, a growing family to cater to; the GM-4 Mastermind was the perfect blend of healthy social networking and some self-improvement time just for me. The absence of ample time to invest in a formal learning institution & my prolonged interest in reading was finally met in a structured holistic way: the books chosen for review were always relevant, and the presentations at meetings ensured I read to convey my understanding of the books. Looking back I believe the GM4 Mastermind was a necessary tool that enabled me maintain balance even as I refocused on the goals that really mattered to me in Life. Victor, the Lead facilitator is also worthy of mention as it's rare to find such gentle yet persuasive individuals who have a listening ear and a wealth of insight in the area of self-leadership. I would recommend the GM-4 Mastermind program to anybody in any field of expertise and of any background who simply desires to be a better version of themselves. It has certainly been valuable education for me these past months and I've met some unique individuals I know I would meet in a round table of industry giants.
- Ezugo Oguebie , MD/CEO (1ne Interiors)
Towards the end of 2016, I had a conversation with myself regarding my current situation at the time, determined to make 2017 a special year, I made a promise to no one but I to personally develop myself… Life brought my way the initiator of the GM-4 Mastermind, Mr Victor C. Onochie, a leadership and High-performance Coach. It’s been 8 months since being a part of the mastermind group and without mincing words this set up catapulted me mentally and personally to where I never thought possibly. By reading specially selected books on life, personal leadership, business and personal development, setting clear attaining goal with a knowing of my why, I am thrilled to say that I LOVE WHO I am becoming. I am being stretched and the changes are evident! Too numerous to list. I throw my rather petite weight behind the mastermind and strongly recommend to anyone seeking significant success in all areas of their life.
- Grace Tsumbu , Admin Executive (African Law practice)
Coach Victor, Thank you for creating the GM-4 Mastermind group. It has been an awesome experience; meeting like minds, opening my mind to the world of thought provoking books. I cannot thank you enough because you have helped to bring my goals to life through the support of great accountability partners. You have placed your foot prints in sands of time and you are destined for greatness.
- Safia Sani , Literacy Coach/ Humanitarian
Exactly about a year ago, I had a clarity session with Genius Meta-4. I worked with the help of Victor C. Onochie, I was able to draw a one year, a two year and a five year plan. One year after, I have seen come to fruition all that I dreamed and planned for the year...including winning a contest to become the West and Central African Champion of Public Speaking on a Toastmasters international platform. I've seen an intellectual growth, enormous business growth and many more unfolding as evidence of a fruitful and rewarding exercise with Genius Meta-4. It was worth more than I paid for.
- Inyang Ate Inyang , MD/CEO (MARS Creation)